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ASD Motor clumsiness

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Autistic Spectrum Disorders: Motor Clumsiness

This section contains anecdotal information collected through our clinical experience in working with many individuals on the Autistic Spectrum.  This is not research based scientific evidence.  Herman & Associates offers these observations only as points for discussion and as possible research topics in the future. 

Sensory Integration Dysfunction (SID)

Many individuals with ASD also have a co-morbid SID, which is defined as the inability to correctly process sensory information.  Accurate processing of sensory information forms the base for many higher-level tasks that involve motor coordination.  The reader is referred to for additional information regarding SID.

Motor Clumsiness

Another symptom of Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) involves awkward fine and gross motor skills, and problems with balance, strength, and coordination.  In fact, many individuals with ASD also have sensory integration disorders where it is difficult to coordinate.  There may be odd posture and gait. There is generally a lack of aptitude in sports and some difficulty with balance. Poor handwriting is common due to fine motor deficits. Other motor manifestations include possible grimaces, facial tics, or twitches.

Lack of Strength and Endurance

Because individuals with ASD are often struggle with fine and gross motor coordination, they tend to avoid athletic endeavors and pursue activities in their high area of interest, which commonly involve little development of physical strength or endurance.   As a result, people with ASD often tire easily and appear quite fragile. 

Develop Strength and Endurance through Individual Sports

Individuals with ASD have often been teased growing up because they are clumsy and less coordinated they others.  They may experience some initial emotional resistance to developing a sport or workout regime to promote longevity.  We have observed that many individuals with ASD have less resistance to participating in individual sports such as martial arts, running, walking, or perhaps tennis.

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